1. thatlatteplace, ikon connaught.

    new commercial building near my neighborhood is open! and there’s this nice cafe. went there last weekend to try the coffee and food.

    i like the food a lot, especially the omelette with mushrooms and cheese, it’s soooo yummy. mocha, hot chocolate and affogato are good too, but not the best. still it’s a nice place to hang out and have a drink.


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  2. birthday card.
received this last week in the mail and i was super happy! it’s so rare to get cards nowadays and it’s such a sweet and thoughtful gesture… i’m really touched. and i really liked the pop up art, it’s pretty~
thank you so much my dear cousin!

    birthday card.

    received this last week in the mail and i was super happy! it’s so rare to get cards nowadays and it’s such a sweet and thoughtful gesture… i’m really touched. and i really liked the pop up art, it’s pretty~

    thank you so much my dear cousin!


     card  birthday  mail  snail mail  gesture  sweet  touched  pretty  happy 

  3. mad about coco, publika.

    dessert time at chocolate specialty store after dinner last week. this place has a really cute retro theme, coco is the main character, many of the desserts are related to coco.

    ordered mad about coco which is actually chocolate cake with strawberries and hot chocolate sauce to pour on top and also waffle. mad about coco is really nice, not sweet as it’s dark chocolate, but very rich. strawberries are perfect with all the flowing hot chocolate sauce. waffle is okay, but a little on the sweet side as it’s a mix of white, milk and dark chocolate.

    i really like this place ‘cos it’s comfy to chill and the chocolate desserts are lovely and soooo sinful. hahaha…


     food  dessert  chocolate  mad about coco  publika  waffle  chocolate sauce  melting  hot  sweets 

  4. urbano e fresco, solaris dutamas.

    earlier this week, went dinner with EdeNz at this italian place. the ambiance of the restaurant is really nice with the modern chic decorations and the menu is a newspaper - urbano post.

    ordered mushroom soup, aglio olio and pizza with turkey ham, mushroom and tomatoes. the food came quite fast, i guess since we are early and there’s no other customers.

    the soup is okay, it has mushroom taste but not as strong as i would like. the garlic bread is nice. aglio olio is highly recommended and it taste great, however, i didn’t like that it’s overly oily there’s lots of oil left when we finished the dish. the pizza is okay, the thin crust is crispy but i have had better pizzas.

    it’s a decent meal and we enjoyed it. but since the restaurant is a little classy the price is also higher than other places. i don’t think the food quality is worth that much, probably because of the nice setting of the restaurant.


     food  pizza  pasta  italian  western  mushroom soup  aglio olio  urbano e fresco  solaris dutamas 

  5. tryst, ss15.

    was there last sunday for lunch because we heard the pancakes are awesome! the cafe has quite artsy design and setup, all kinds of tables and chairs, menu in a chalkboard… cool place to chill.

    we ordered latte and mocha for drinks and pancakes with chili con carne (recommended by the staff) and pancake with chocolate sauce and ice cream.

    the pancakes are indeed amazing, it’s really soft and fluffy and i like the chili con carne so much! it’s a little spicy and also warm, dipping the pancakes into it is yummy! the pancake with chocolate sauce and ice cream is good as well, hot and cold combination.

    it’s definitely a great place for pancake lovers and to enjoy a cup of coffee as well. lots of customers coming and going while we were there and the staff are nice too.


     food  cafe  tryst  ss15  pancakes  chili con carne  chocolate  ice cream  dessert  lunch  breakfast  coffee  latte  mocha  western 

  6. daimon yokocho 大门横丁, alam damai.

    it has been a while since our last visit, this japanese restaurant specialize in handmade udon and many different soup base that is really unique.

    ordered edamame as appetizer, and grilled unagi stone rice and char siew udon with satay soup. the food is still good, love the unagi a lot and the rice on hot stone make it a little burnt and crunchy.

    definitely a great place for udon or ramen, must try their soup bases as it’s one of its kind, my favorite is spicy tomato soup. they also offer various yakitori and snacks.


     food  japanese  udon  unagi  edamame  rice  char siew  pork  satay  soup  daimon yokocho  alam damai 

  7. bobohouse cafe, damai perdana.

    went to the cafe for late lunch & tea time last weekend. ordered marmite chicken with rice, club sandwich and soup. the marmite chicken was quite nice. soup wasn’t good though ‘cos it’s instant. sandwich was okay.


     food  bobohouse  cafe  damai perdana  marmite chicken  club sandwich  soup 

  8. gelatomio, sunway pyramid.

    we had a yummy time at this dessert shop last weekend. like the cute teddy bear logo too, ehehe… they serves all kinds of ice cream desserts and gelato, it’s awesome.

    ordered cookies n cream ice cream cake and waffle with 3 scoops of ice cream - chocolate, vanilla and lychee. with a cup of coffee. the ice cream cake is really lovely, cookie bottom is really nice with ice cream. waffle is good as well, but not very crispy or soft, the ice creams are good though, tasty but not creamy.

    would visit again for the gelato and ice cream cake, so many flavors to try!


     food  ice cream  dessert  sweets  gelato  gelatomio  sunway pyramid  chocolate  waffle  vanilla  lychee  coffee 

  9. nakji bokkeum with noodle, 낙지볶음 with 소면.

    made this last weekend in my korean language center. my korean teacher’s wife taught us how to make it and it’s really simple. the dish is made from octopus with mushroom, onions, chili, chili paste and gochujang (고추장). the sauce is not very spicy, a little sweet and goes really well with the wheat noodle, really simple and yummy dish!

    will definitely try out at home, need to buy ingredients from korean supermarket though. XD


     food  korean  noodle  octopus  nakji bookeum  낙지볶음  소면  cooking  simple 

  10. antipodean cafe, mid valley.

    found out that antipodean is now in mid valley when we were there last week, decided to have late lunch there. like the bangsar branch, their menu is written on a wall.. but this wall is really high up and since it’s outside and the surface is reflective, sunlight makes the menu impossible to see…

    in the end, we ordered based on recommendation from staff, big breakfast and salmon, chicken pea and roast vegetables salad, with iced mocha. we love the big breakfast, especially the mushroom, really nice! roasted vegetables was very soft though, didn’t like it so much. chick peas and salmon were great. hot mocha is lovely, it has more chocolate taste than coffee.

    the cafe is really small and there’s only outdoor seating, i’m glad it’s non-smoking though. but they definitely need a bigger space as we do see many customers even at odd hours. plus the table seating are really tight. hopefully this can be improved because i really like the attentive and super friendly staff here. our server goes to every table he served multiple times to make sure all his customer are happy, really a model service staff that everyone should learn from.


     food  cafe  antipodean  big breakfast  salad  roasted vege  chick pea  salmon  mushroom  egg  mid valley  mocha 

  11. panda sling bag.
this is sooo cute, just have to buy it when i saw it online. it comes in blue and brown as well. and i kinda like the blue one a lot too… ahaha XD

    panda sling bag.

    this is sooo cute, just have to buy it when i saw it online. it comes in blue and brown as well. and i kinda like the blue one a lot too… ahaha XD


     shopping  online  panda  sling bag  bag  pg  pgmall  cute 

  12. ju ne japanese restaurant 樹音, solaris dutamas.

    visited this nice japanese restaurant last week for dinner. the place is at the end of the block, so it’s kinda far away from the mall area. the restaurant is quite classy and has modern japanese decorations. the menu is quite simple and half of them are a variety of shabu shabu meals.

    we didn’t choose shabu shabu though, ordered irodori yasai saienfuu anchovy sauce zeo (assorted vegetables on ice with anchovy sauce), unagi avocado maki, dinner set with salmon shioyaki and assorted sashimi.

    the food is generally great, the portion is quite small though, which makes the food rather pricey. my favorite is the salad with anchovy sauce because the sauce is really yummy, it has a rich taste but not overwhelming and it goes well with anything! plus it’s warm, dipping cold vegetables in it is really awesome.

    we had a nice meal, not stuffed but it was different. the staff was also nice and efficient. due to the pricey status, it’s definitely not a restaurant that you could visit often, but should give the shabu shabu here a try if you’re a beef and shabu shabu lover.


     food  japanese  ju ne  樹音  solaris dutamas  publika  pricey  shabu shabu  salad  anchovy  salmon  sashimi 

  13. ante kitchen & bar, solaris dutamas.

    dinner with EdeNz couple weeks ago at this pork specialty restaurant. the ambiance here is quite romantic with dim lighting and nice music. but there are big group of family dining while we were there, kids were noisy, kinda destroyed the mood a little..

    we ordered funghi salad, tomasco soup, enoki bacon and char grilled pork steak to share. and hot mocha after our meal. the food is really nice. i like the salad with so many abalone mushrooms! it’s juicy and goes really well with romaine lettuce and cheese. the tomasco soup is also good, it’s not too creamy and the tomato taste is really refreshing. pork steak is famous and it’s really good. the meat is tender and juicy, it’s really nice.

    we enjoyed our meal, and the mocha is very chocolatey. plus the bear coffee art is really cute, feel a little sad to drink it ahaha… the service here is also nice, staffs are efficient an friendly. it’s a very good place to enjoy nice food once a while.


     food  western  pork  ante kitchen & bar  solaris dutamas  publika  mushroom  salad  tomasco  soup  bacon  enoki  pork steak  mocha  coffee art 

  14. panda luggage tag.
a friend bought it for me when he saw it, ehehe… so cute! XD

    panda luggage tag.

    a friend bought it for me when he saw it, ehehe… so cute! XD


     panda  luggage  tag  gift  cute 

  15. team H - driving to the highway.

    just got these albums from japan couple weeks back and has been listening to it quite a lot, ehehe… the upbeat music is really good, makes you wanna dance! and almost all the songs are fully in english this time, so it’s easy to learn as well.

    my favorite song would be raining on the dance floor and as time goes by. can’t wait to hear them live end of this year in japan! XD


     song  album  music  team H  driving to the highway  jang keun suk  big brother  asia prince  장근석  clubbing  dance  party