1. christ chruch melaka.

    one of many historic and tourist location in the state. the church and stadthuys building built during dutch occupation looks beautiful in red. there are stalls along the street selling souvenirs and stuff… lots of people taking photos… it is one of the iconic places to visit when in malacca.


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  2. the daily fix, malacca.

    found this little gem in jonker that serves western style breakfast in a nyonya souvenir shop. the decorations is really classic and it’s so colorful. even tables and chairs are old bamboo or rattan ones… everything reminds me of my late grandfather’s house in penang.

    pancakes is their specialty so we ordered one of each type - pancake with butter and syrup and nutella, pancakes with banana and pandan pancakes with gula melaka. they smells soooo good when served and looks pretty too. the texture is so fluffy! it’s the best pancakes i have ever eaten… definitely must try!

    the cucumber and egg sandwich and durian cheesecake is also lovely. the sandwich is actually quite big and has salad, i like the egg mayo a lot. the durian cheesecake is creamy and durian smell is definitely strong, recommended for durian lovers.

    it’s a great place to have breakfast and relax. love the unique surroundings, feels so homey and the staff and boss are also really friendly. wished i could visit more often for the yummy food and homey ambiance!


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  3. night jonker walk, malacca.

    got to know that jonker walk is now only open during weekends, we decided to visit the place to grab dinner and looks around. the streets are really busy, packed with people and so happening.

    we bought lots of food… street food, drinks, biscuits, noodles, etc… anything and everything that looks yummy! and there’s so much to see… local products, souvenirs, there’s even performances on stage by the locals. and found lots of shiny trishaw decorated with hello kitties (i wonder why).

    the night was really fun, i have always loved going to night market and this is nice, walking, talking, playing around, eating, and drinking with friends. definitely a must-visit place when visiting malacca.


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  4. m lodge, malacca.

    our next stop after legoland is the historical state - malacca. instead of staying in hotel, we rented an apartment via airbnb, named m lodge.

    the exterior of the apartment looks kinda dull, but once we stepped inside, it feels so different. it’s spacious, clean, nicely decorated and so comfortable. i like the simple interior look of the apartment very much, and it’s so comfortable and homey.

    the host and the person who met with us during our check in are very friendly, we definitely appreciate the nice hospitality. glad that we found this wonderful place as our accommodation during our short trip, it’s less pricey than hotels, yet has more space and comfort.

    i definitely recommended travelers to use airbnb to find nice accommodations for your trips around the world, it’s so worth it and a great experience.


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  5. legoland, malaysia.

    the highlight of my johor trip - legoland theme park. arrived shortly after dim sum breakfast, we thought we could leave in the afternoon, but we ended up staying until evening because there’s so many rides to go on, so many legos to play… so much attractions to enjoy!

    the theme park is split into various sections with different themes, and there’s rides for every section, except miniland. we enjoyed all the rides we could get on (some are for kids only…) and also love the time spent building and racing our lego cars, so much fun!

    there’s also a water park which we did not get to visit, maybe next time. and definitely want to come here in the morning and stay until closing time cos there’s so much to see and play. definitely a great place for fun with friends and family.

    all photos at facebook and google+.


     trip  vacation  legoland  johor  malaysia  theme park  lego  fun  rides 

  6. gim cheng dim sum restaurant, johor bahru.

    this dim sum place recommended by friend is really busy in the morning, and they serve so many type of dim sum, it’s nice. we enjoyed trying many different type of dim sum, everything is yummy.

    and i stopped taking photos after a while cos was too busy eating… ahaha so these are some of the dim sum we ate the first round.


     food  dim sum  chinese  gim cheng  johor bahru  vacation  trip  breakfast 

  7. danga bay theme park.

    went to this night carnival place after dinner to have some fun! there are quite a few rides around. we went on a few rides there, but the unique one is this roller thingy that you can sit on it and try to go front and back, it will tilt but never go upside down, just like those roly poly toy… it’s really fun to test how far you can far backwards! ehehe…


     fun  danga bay  theme park  night  carnival  rides  trip  vacation 

  8. tip top ikan bakar, johor bahru.

    after going around jb for the evening, went out with friends and new friends for dinner at this famous grilled fish place. and the place is so packed! we ordered grilled stingray, fried squid and rojak. there’s also other seafood available like crab and prawn.

    the food is good, liked the fried squid and grilled fish is nice with the chili, nice to eat while it’s hot, and it’s not very spicy too.


     food  tip top ikan bakar  johor  johor bahru  grilled fish  fried squid  rojak  fruits  grilled  local 

  9. team H - raining on the dace floor.

    new song in the upcoming album - driving to the highway. can’t wait!


     music video  mv  team H  jang keun suk  big brother  asia prince  raining on the dance floor  driving to the highway  japanese 

  10. rooms boutique hotel, johor bahru.

    just couple days before our trip, due to some issues, my friends and i had to find a place to stay in jb quickly. and we decided to give this place a try because there’s an offer on living social with legoland tickets.

    the hotel is quite easy to find, though we did not expect the journey to be so long, so we quite kinda tired when we reach in the late afternoon. the hotel exterior is painted in purple, very easy to spot at the corner of shop houses.

    checking in is fast and we got our rooms on the ground floor itself, next to each other. one room in red and the other orange, the design is kinda unique. the room is quite compact though, but comfy. however, the shower and washroom has no door, only separated by glass… didn’t expect that.

    the lounge area is nice, we hung out there at night to chat and have snacks and go online, it was comfy with lots of plugs around to charge our devices.

    overall, the boutique hotel is okay for a place to sleep, has all the basic amenities we need and the staff are quite nice as well.


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  11. teck kee bak kut teh.
our brunch before leaving kl for our trip to johor. the soup is good, not too heavy and i like the garlic butter rice, soooo fragrant and yummy.

    teck kee bak kut teh.

    our brunch before leaving kl for our trip to johor. the soup is good, not too heavy and i like the garlic butter rice, soooo fragrant and yummy.


     food  chinese  bak kut teh  pork  brunch  herbal  soup  teck kee  subang 

  12. team h single - take me.

    these are the japanese version albums, one is cd only and the other cd + dvd. both comes with different cover and back. i really like the carefree feel of this single and both songs are really nice, very upbeat and light.

    take me mv can be viewed here. =)

    can’t wait for their second full album to be released end of the month!


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  13. waffle world, one utama.

    quick dinner before watching transformer 4. used to be one of my favorite place to go but they close down all the branches near me. and since then the menu and stuff are changed as well.

    the pasta we ordered - prawn aglio olio and grilled fish with herbs and pasta in creamy sauce are good. i like the spiciness with the aglio olio, the cream sauce needs a little more taste though.

    for dessert we went with chocolate waffle with ice cream, i love that the dough has chocolate taste in it, it’s yummy. but it used to have more cocoa taste though. hot waffle and cold ice cream is always a great combination.

    the service here was okay since the place is not very busy, and i do think it’s a nice place to get nice waffles and chill.


     food  waffle world  waffle  sweets  dessert  chocolate  pasta  one utama  western  ice cream  aglio olio  cream sauce  fish 

  14. woo pin fish head noodle, c180.

    quick lunch at this fish head noodle shop. ordered the fried fish head with mee hun and fried beancurd skin. the soup is nice and the fish is fresh, lots of bones though. i like the fried beancurd skin a lot, very crispy and fragrant.


     food  lunch  fish head noodle  woo pin  chinese  beancurd skin  fried  snack  noodle  c180 

  15. new watch and bracelet.

    found them on groupon actually, and one can never have too many accessories, ehehe…


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