1. chicago rib house.

    the restaurant is new at leisure mall, kinda near to my house… and it’s famous for pork ribs, so i must try at least once. =p we went there for late lunch so the place was not very packed, many were actually leaving at that time.

    ordered 2 pork rib dishes - original bbq and honey garlic. it comes with soup of the day as well. and i also ordered trio sampler for starter, it’s too good to resist. ehehe…

    the soup taste okay, nothing to shout about. i think it’s mushroom with sweet corn in it. the trio sampler has hot buffalo wings, potato skins and pork chili con carne. all of them taste good, i prefer the pork chili con carne, i think the taste is really awesome.

    as for our main dish - the ribs… the portion is quite big with two sides, i picked baked potato and corn. the meat is really soft and juicy. i prefer honey garlic as there’s a slight sweet taste, but original is not bad as well. the sauce is not as strong as some others i have tried before, still taste good though.

    it was a really filling meal since we ordered a lot, ahahaha… but i enjoyed it, really like the food here, ambiance is good as well. service is quite nice, the staff are friendly to us. i will definitely visit again for yummy pork feast. =D


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