1. o’briens irish sandwich cafe.

    had a healthy and yummy lunch thanks to my brother, we ordered different sandwiches to share, and cheesecake!

    the smoked salmon on garden cheese ciabatta is a chinese new year special… lots of smoked salmon slices with vegetables, salmon taste really fresh and strong, it’s yummy.

    sundried tomato on shambo and chicken tripledecker is something i tried before and love them… the chicken crisp in triple decker is really good and sundried tomato is definitely the most healthy and yummy!

    cheesecake is nice as well, very soft, cheesy but nothing too strong, it’s creamy but light, i ate the whole piece by myself and don’t feel very bloated. :D

    the hot chocolate is awesome! it’s very chocolatey, there’s no milk or sugary taste in the drink, sweetness level is just perfect… my favorite drink!


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  2. o’briens irish sandwich cafe.

    since i am sicky last week, decided to go to o’briens for a healthy lunch. we ordered the crambo club sandwich with vouchers, hot chocolate and detox & revitalize juice.

    the sandwich taste great, lots of fillings and the portion is quite big with triple layer bread. it’s slightly toasted, makes the crumb crispy but the center remain soft.

    i like the detox & revitalize juice a lot, a combination of pineapple, watermelon and apple. the taste is great, not very sweet and its really refreshing. hot chocolate is nice too, but i prefer it to have more cocoa taste, a little bittersweet would be perfect.

    it’s a hearty meal, simple, yummy and healthy!


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  3. o’briens irish sandwich cafe.

    recently they opened an outlet at mid valley and was doing promotion, and my brother works in this company, so i went to try out the food. not my first time though, i went to the klcc outlet before and i do like their sandwiches.

    we got ourselves a chicken slice and cheese shambo each, mushroom soup with garlic bread, smoothies classico and mango tango. i only paid for the sandwishes, brother paid the rest. =D

    the mushroom soup was quite nice, the garlic bread is crispy, goes well with the soup.

    the sandwich comes with chips and the portion is big, i’m full halfway eating. there’s lots of ingredients in it and the bread is very soft inside and crispy outside. i like that you can eat the sandwich with your hands and not getting messy from fillings or sauce dropping out, everything is wrapped nicely.

    the smoothies are quite special with lots of different fruits in it, though the smoothies classico tastes a little weird, maybe i’m not used to the taste. mango tango is pretty good

    enjoyable meal and it’s quite comfortable in the cafe, you can sit and talk as long as you wish, they serve your food if it is not ready after you make payment, pretty good. it’s a good place to enjoy premium sandwiches and a drink with friends.


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